Salem Animal Control

City of Salem Animal Control works closely with area residents, area veterinarians, city and county government officials and the Humane Society of Washington County.

Many of the department's regular duties include:

  • Maintain public safety by providing control of animals-at-large
  • Protect animal welfare by investigating complaints from citizens
  • Accepting homeless stray animals
  • House and care for stray and surrendered animals from all of Washington County
  • House animals for Washington County Health Department for quarantine

Adoption fees include rabies shot and the normal cost of spay or neuter. Prices as follows for Washington County residents: dog $65, cat $40. Out of county residents adoption fees: male cat $60.00, female cat $75.00, male dog $80.00, and female dog $100.00. $10 extra if in heat. RTO (return to owner) $10 + $2 per day board fee and proof of rabies shot or $10.

Get your dog home safely, have it microchipped at the shelter.  $15.00 for local registration and $30.00 for national registration. Cremation services are also available at the shelter.  Call 883-3673 for details.

Jim Deich was hired in 1989 and manages the Salem Animal Shelter. A graduate of New Albany High school he moved to Washington County in 1977. He is also a board member of the Humane Society of Washington County. In addition to training programs, workshops, and seminars, Mr. Diech has completed The Humane Society of the United States Animal Control Academy and American Humane Association’s National Cruelty and Investigation School I and II.

How to dispatch the Animal Control Officer to collect a stray animal.

Salem Residents
(Call Salem Police Dept.)

Outside Salem City Limits
(Call Washington County Police Dept.)

Dumping animals anywhere is illegal including at Salem Animal Shelter