Black Oak Trees Available

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The Salem Parks and Recreation Department along with the Salem Tree Board are offering Black Oak Trees available for pick up at  Salem City Hall, 201 East Market Street Salem.  We would like Salem residents to celebrate our upcoming Bicentennial celebration, (October 4-11, 2014), by planting a Black Oak Tree.  Salem as a Tree City USA Community, provides direction, assistance, and recognition to our community by supporting the framework for a sustainable urban forest.  Trees help to reduce costs for energy, storm water management, and erosion control.  Also they boost property values, cut energy consumption, build stronger ties to our community, and helps to demonstrate commitment to a healthier environment through Arbor Day celebrations and Tree City USA recognition.

Black Oak Tree care information will be given when the trees are picked up. Anyone interested in picking up trees, (two tree limit), may do so through the Salem Parks and Recreation Department or call 883-2895.