Feinstein Challenge at Food Bank

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If you're familar with the Feinstein Challenge, you're aware or the benefits Washington County Food Bank receives from this endeavor. Besides the money (over $19,335.22) donated for food purchases, there were food items brought to the food bank valued at over $20,213 in 2013.

The food bank also received a proportionate share of the one million dollars that Mr. Feinstein donates to fight hunger in the United States each year.

Just as the response to the Feinstein Challenge increases each year, so does the number of persons served by the food bank. There were a total of 7113 visits representing 15,953 adults and 8935 children during 2013.

The Food Bank Board hopes this year's challenge response will surpass that oflast year in order for us to continue to fulfill our mission to provide the emergency food and nutritional needs of citizens of Washington County.

Cash, checks and food items received from March 1st to April 30th will apply to the challenge. Monetary pledges can also be made for a longer period of time. Food items will be valued at $1.00 per item for reporting purposes.



Please share this information with your family, friends, neighbors, church, businesses and civic organizations. Be a grass roots member of this campaign to fight hunger.

Your gifts enable us to meet the needs of those we serve. Food items collected help stock our shelves and the monetary gifts provide the funds to purchase additional food items during the lean donations times. Thank you for your support. Questions? Call 883-5511 or 883-3424.

Paul Scifres, President
Saralee Shields, Treasurer