City Passes Annual Water Test

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The City of Salem received a good report on the city’s water Friday afternoon, passing an annual wastewater test.

Every year, the wastewater treatment plant’s water sent out to the Blue River undergoes an extensive biological test. The tests help to ensure that the polluted water sent to the city’s sewers by individual households and industries is cleaned to help protect Blue River’s water quality.

Sensitive fish and crustaceans are exposed to samples from the plant of a one-week period and their response is measured. Scientists from Commonwealth Biomonitoring in Indianapolis measure how well these animals survive, grow and reproduce compared to water that has no toxic chemicals in it.

The most recent test conducted in mid-May showed that the city’s wastewater is completely safe for Blue River’s aquatic community. The results have held true for the past five years.

The water quality professionals at the Salem Wastewater Treatment Plan are doing an excellent job keeping Salem’s environment clean.

Blue River has been declared to be an "Outstanding Water Resource" by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and an "Exceptional Use" stream by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management.  This fine stream supports forms of aquatic life (fish and salamanders) that are rare elsewhere.