Tourism Board working on Advertising

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Washington County will soon have advertisement in French Lick thanks to the efforts of the Washington County Tourism Board.

Tourism Brochure Board President Adam Kelly said they are hoping to lure French Lick visitors to the attractions and quaintness of Washington County while they are so close. The PGA Tour will be in French Lick in May and Kelly said the board would like to capitalize on that.

The board is working hard to increase the visibility of the county and bring more tourists to the area.

Kelly said they are working on a new Web site and recently placed an ad with the quarterly magazine Travel IN, which is a regionally-based publication.

For their ad, the magazine provided the county with a four-page story on Washington County attractions and history, which was then turned into a flyer and given to the board for distribution.

Kelly said the board has brochures on Beck’s Mill and will be purchasing new brochure racks for Washington and surrounding counties.

The tourism board is able to purchase ads and brochures thanks to the Inn Keepers Tax, which is a 5% tax on room and lodging in the county. He said the new Cobblestone Hotel has doubled the board’s budget.

While the tourism board does not currently have an office, questions can be directed to the Chamber of Commerce office at 883-4303.