Restrooms closed at Lake Salinda

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Due to vandalism at Lake Salinda, the public restrooms will now be locked at all times, unless it is a holiday weekend or someone has reserved the shelter house and asks for the restrooms to be opened.

Mayor David Bower said someone has been stealing toilet paper, defecating on the floor and the walls, clogging toilets and leaving beer bottles lying around.

In order to have restroom facilities available, the city will rent two port-a-potties for the lake.

“This is not a service we want to give, but it’s a service we have to give,” said Bower.

In other news, the mayor said a transitional luncheon is being planned for all candidates for city offices. Department heads will be at the luncheon and provide information about their department, including operating budgets and number of people in each department. 

Bower said he plans to invite the newspapers, as well as WSLM to publicize the meeting. He said he hopes this will be a good way for candidates to ask questions and talk with all departments to learn a little more about them.

The city council will hold its next monthly meeting on Tuesday, June 9, at 7 p.m.