Historical Walking Tour at Crown Hill Cemetery

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The Historical Walking Tour at Crown Hill Cemetery will take you on a historical stroll through Salem's rich history. 

Crown Hill CemeteryNot only will visitors be informed of our town's historical background during the tour, they will also have the opportunity to meet some of Salem's most well-known citizens of the past.

Our knowledgeable tour guides will introduce you to ten of the most interesting, eccentric (and sometimes infamous) characters buried in Salem's Crown Hill Cemetery.

These "characters" include:

  • Colonel Stephen Decatur Sayles: Wounded in the civil war; He used to stand in his grave and wait for the walls to cave in so that he could spare his family the trouble of burying him.
  • John Lemon Menaugh: During... his funeral, his mother happened to see his eyelids twitch while he was laying in his coffin. Turns out, Menaugh was actually in a coma. He later stated that he'd heard everything that was going on and been trying to scream and move around, but couldn't.
  • Delos Heffren: Notorious murderer; his hot temper and gruff demeanor lead to murdering the husband of his one true love. The woman married Delos a short time later.
  • Horace Heffren: Cowardly officer in the civil war, once abandoned his company of men. Heffren was, at one time, the editor of the Salem Democrat newspaper.
  • Martha (Mattie) Schultz Gladden Meyer: In charge of the Salem brothel located on North Main Street, now known as the Gladden House. 
  • Caddie Naugle: Known as "the little girl at the gate"
  • Everett Dean: Well-known athlete and coach from Salem High School.
  • Lee Sinclair: Built the West Baden Springs Hotel.
  • Frank B. Neal: Owned the confectionary in Salem; named Salem's Ambassador of Good Will.
  • Dell Strain: Rode the first motorcycle ever seen in Salem.

Date: September 18-19, 2015

Time: Dusk

Place: Crown Hill Cemetery, 207 Shelby St., Salem, IN

Cost: Donations only, all proceeds go to Washington County Theatre.

This walking tour is a fun event for all ages. **This tour is NOT haunted.** You will simply be meeting characters from the past who are buried in Crown Hill Cemetery.