Sanitary Sewer Smoke Testing Begins

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The City of Salem will be working with Wessler Engineering to perform smoke testing on select portions of the sanitary sewers in your area. The evaluation is part of a study to identify sources of non-sanitary flow. You are receiving this notice because your property is within the area to be tested.

Smoke testing involves blowing harmless smoke into the sewer system to determine the location of connections. Those connections, along with any leaks, will be marked with bright surveying paint (non-permanent) to aid in their future location and correction. Wessler testing crews will be driving marked vehicles with flashing lights and will be wearing safety vests for their ready identification.

Under normal circumstances, if your plumbing is working properly, the smoke used to conduct this test should not enter your house. You may see smoke coming from the vents on the roof of your home. This is normal. When smoke does enter a home, it often enters through fixtures that are not routinely used. Therefore, we request that you run water for a minute or two through all of your fixtures and floor drains when you receive this notice to ensure all traps are full of water.

Smoke used for this test is manufactured specifically for this application. The smoke is non­toxic and non-staining. It has a slight oily odor but is clean and harmless to people, pets, food and material goods. Any smoke that happens to enter your house should clear in a few minutes if you open the doors and windows.

We appreciate your cooperation because this testing is an important tool necessary to evaluate the sewer systems. If you have specific questions or concerns, you may call the following:

City of Salem Wastewater, (812) 883-4267