Indiana: A State that Works

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) proudly announces A State That Works, a marketing campaign designed to draw attention to the numerous reasons Indiana is a state that works for business.

"From the passage of the largest tax cut in state history to our talented workforce and central location, the spotlight shines on Indiana as one of the few states that actually work for business," said Victor Smith, Indiana Secretary of Commerce. "Our rise to the top in national rankings is proof that Indiana is more than just a good state for business, but a state that is achieving greatness. As Indiana separates itself from our competition, it's important to communicate to corporate decision makers across the globe the countless reasons our pro-growth climate works for companies' growth and success."

The complementary digital, mobile widget and print advertisements targeting business leaders feature the slogans: "we're not only a workforce, but a force that works," "we're at the crossroads of what's possible and what's next" and "integrity is our complexion, innovation is our currency." In addition, highlights Indiana as a state of thinkers, innovators and makers, showcasing a stream of stories focusing on Hoosier innovation, development and success stories.

The new advertisements, which began running in early May, have already created the most activity in the history of IEDC marketing campaigns. With more than 11 million advertisement viewers last month alone, the campaign had a .64 percent click through rate. This is significantly higher than the industry average of .01-.08 percent. The advertisements are targeted to national print and digital publications in high-tax states, including Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and California.

In addition to signage at the Indianapolis International Airport and bus shelters, as well as search-based Google and other national publication advertisements, more than 12 million people have had the opportunity to see the A State That Works campaign.

Also, the A State That Works mark will be used by multiple state agencies in their marketing and public relations efforts. The mark will not replace agencies' existing logos, but will serve as a secondary branding tool to incorporate Governor Mike Pence's vision to make Indiana the state that works for all Hoosiers.

"Indiana has developed a reputation as a state that collaborates to solve problems as a family of agencies," said Smith. "Our ability to seamlessly work together at the speed of business enables us to offer long-term solutions for companies looking to grow here. Because we are all ambassadors for the Hoosier State, it makes sense for agencies across the state to promote the same message that Indiana works for business."

The creative behind the campaign was developed by in-house talent and local vendors. The IEDC encourages viewers to interact on the campaign's Facebook page by submitting their own stories about why Indiana is a state that works.

About IEDC
Created in 2005 to replace the former Department of Commerce, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation is governed by a 12-member board chaired by Governor Mike Pence. Victor Smith serves as the Indiana Secretary of Commerce and Eric Doden is the president of the IEDC.

The IEDC oversees programs enacted by the General Assembly including tax credits, workforce training grants and public infrastructure assistance. For more information about IEDC, visit