72nd Indiana Beef Evaluation Program Bull Sale

The 72nd performance test of the Indiana Beef Evaluation Program finished September 23, 2013 at the Feldun-Purdue Ag Center in Bedford. A total of 64 bulls from four breeds completed the test. The bulls were entered by 28 seedstock producers from Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio. Bulls were fed a moderate-energy ration during the 125-day test and daily gain for the entire group was 3.96 lbs. The bulls are in ideal body condition for use this fall or next spring.

This is an excellent set of bulls that offer a range of performance for the economically important traits. Angus bull #15 will enter the ring first. He had a Performance Index of 108.6 and a Carcass Merit Index of 129.5, the second highest in the test. His EPD’s rank him in the top 10% of the breed for birth weight, maternal milk, direct calving ease, ribeye area, and fat, as well as $ Weaned, $ Yield Grade, and $ Beef Value indexes. The bull was sired by SydGen CC & 7 and is owned by Powell Farms, Worthington, Indiana.


Three SimAngus bulls from Saxe Farm, Thompsonville, Illinois sired by ALC Big Eye D09N were the top-indexing get-of-sire group in the test. Bull #36 had a Performance Index of 110.1 and will be the 2nd to sell. Bull #37 had a Performance Index of 118.9 and will be the 3rd to sell. Bull #38 had a Performance Index of 119.2 and will be the 8th bull in the ring.

Angus #43 had the highest Performance Index, 119.8. He was sired by Connealy Confidence 0100, is owned by Kiata Farms, Hamilton, Ohio, and will be 7th in the ring. Angus #46 had the highest Carcass Merit Index in the test, 131.4. He was sired by GAR Predestined and is owned by Home Acres Farm, Lebanon, Ohio. He will be the 10th to sell. Other excellent bulls selling early include: Simmental #34 sired by SS Tonka 210U from Neal Bros. Simmentals, Bicknell, Indiana; Angus #3 sired by HARB Pendleton 765JH from Bill Washburn, Olney, Illinois; Angus #41 sired by Connealy Confidence 0100 from Kiata Farms; and Angus #63 sired by SydGen Mandate 6079 from Cardinal Hill Farms, Glasgow, Kentucky.

Cattle producers looking for bulls that will add pounds, quality and value to their calves will not want to miss the sale on Saturday, October 19 at the Springville Feeder Auction, Springville, Indiana. Bulls will sell immediately following the Springville Feeder Auction Association’s Heifer and Cow sale, which starts at 2:00 PM. In addition, the sale will be broadcast live over the internet through DVAuction Services. Users with high speed internet access and interested in buying or just viewing the sale need to visit the DVAuction web site at If you plan to purchase a bull via the DVAuction site, you should preregister with DVAuction to establish your financial credentials.

A total of 40 bulls will be offered for sale: 31 Angus, 4 Simmental, and 5 SimAngus. These 40 bulls were the top indexing bulls of their breed and passed a rigorous inspection for breeding and structural soundness. Also, all bulls have been measured by ultrasound for ribeye area, backfat and percent intramuscular fat (marbling). In addition, EPD’s for birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, maternal milk, calving ease, carcass traits, and $ indexes are available to assist producers in bull selection.

Bulls may be seen at the Test Station, located at the Feldun-Purdue Ag. Center, 3 miles northwest of Bedford on SR 158 and 458 or after Noon on October 19 at the Springville Feeder Auction. Video clips of all of the sale bulls are available on the IBEP website.

For additional information, contact your County Extension Educator, or Donna Lofgren, 765-494-6439; Terry Stewart, 765-494-0138; or Brad Shelton, Station Manager, 812-279-8554. Also, complete performance data for sale bulls, and videos of the bulls, can be viewed on the web site: The sale catalog is online, and includes a feature which allows users to search for bulls which meet their selection criteria.