Spring Pasture Seeding Funding Available for Pasture Improvements

It’s time to prepare for spring pasture seeding.   Following two years of summer droughts, rejuvenating drought stricken pastures is critical. Pasture reseeding and renovation will promote good soil health by lessening nutrient and sediment runoff and promote water quality.  Without this stabilization, increased nutrient and sediment runoff will occur. In addition to improving soil and water quality, reseeding marginal pastures or adding legumes to existing grass pastures will increase pasture or hay production.  This pasture production will in turn increase pasture gains by cattle or tons of hay produced each year.

Due to 2012’s exceptional drought, many acres of pasture in Washington County are in need of renovation or reseeding. Through a state funded Clean Water Indiana Grant, the Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District is administering a cost share program to aid landowners in their efforts to reseed or interseed pastures. The cost share rate will be $50 per acre for a minimum of 5 acres and a maximum of 10 acres per landowner and will follow NRCS specifications for Forage and Biomass Planting. To qualify for reimbursement, seeding must be completed between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. Applications are now being accepted for both spring and fall seeding.  The program will require a conservation plan be developed to qualify for cost share.

Contact the Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District at 812-883-3006 extension 3 for more information or visit the USDA Service Center at 801 Anson St. in Salem for an application.