SWCD Spring Fish Sale!

It’s time to restock your fish!  The Washington County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) will again be coordinating a spring fish sale with Andry’s Fish Farm, Birdseye, Indiana. To obtain a fish order form or if you need more information on pond management and stocking rates, call 883-3704 ext. 3.

The following fish will be available: Channel Catfish 6-8 inches $27.50 per 50; Largemouth Bass 3 inches $47.50 per 50; Hybrid Bluegill 2-3 inches $25.00 per 50, 3-5 inches $35.00 per 50; Regular Bluegill 1-3 inches $25.00 per 50; Readear Sunfish 1-3 inches $25.00 per 50; Minnows $33.00 per 1000, Japanese Koi 3-5 inches $5.00 each; and Grass Carp 8-11 inches $15.00 each with a minimum of 5.

Orders will be delivered, Wednesday, May 1st at 10 a.m. at the USDA Service Center Parking lot, 801 Anson Street, Salem. Please be on time to get your fish or make arrangements with someone to pick up your order. Catfish orders will counted/bagged at delivery site. You will need to bring a clean container to transport catfish to your pond.

Indiana Law (310 IAC 3.1 -10-18) requires the licensed seller, Andry’s Fish Farm, to deliver and release Grass Carp to the pond and document location. Grass carp orders of 5 or less will be charged a $10.00 delivery fee.

All orders need to be paid for by noon Tuesday, April 30th. Please remember to include sales tax of 7% on all orders.