Washington County Farmers’ Market

News release for week of October 5, 2013
It really does not matter how you get to Washington County Farmers’ Market, car, truck, horse, buggy, motorcycle, scooter, bicycle, walking, or new this week helicopters. All that matters is there are only four weeks left to stop by The Washington County Fair grounds parking lot for the best in winter squash, pumpkins, lettuces, onions, and greens. Add to that the usual baked goods, big brown eggs, jams, potatoes, green beans and USDA meats and you have an exciting market. Last Saturday there were still five very active vendors!

It is official; Donald Madden is “2013 king of Southern Indiana’s tomato growers” with his big tomato of 2.34 lbs. Just why the predicted five-pound tomato didn’t show is speculation, maybe next year. We are sure that Donald will enjoy his $46.80 winning check! Again, special thanks to “Good Earth Master Gardeners of Washington County”& “Washington County Farmers’ Market” for their co-sponsoring this interesting contest!

The Washington County Farmers’ Market is looking forward to conducting an even “Bigger” Indiana’s Largest Tomato Contest next year, with more prizes and bigger pay-offs. So start now getting those secret tips for growing record tomatoes. There are many varieties that are known for big fruit. Delicious, the variety used for the world record tomato of seven pounds 12 ounces, is a sound choice and readily available. Some of the others to consider are Big Rainbow, Mortgage Lifter, Giant Belgium or 2011 winner, a 3.62lb. Ponderosa, or local favorite and 2012 winner, Goat Bag at 4.50lb.

Also, reminder to WIC clients, their vouchers must be used by October 19th, or you and the Farm Market both loose. For the best selections, come early as much of the premium produce sell-out quickly. Ask your friendly vendors for suggestions on how to prepare special fall produce, they are happy to give recipes and advice.

Yes, there have been visitors using all above mentioned modes of transportation to the Washington County Farmers’ Market. It is still a great place to be Saturday mornings at 8:30. However you can get there, stop on by and talk gardening with the farmer/gardeners. Some “tall tales” are also common at Saturday morning farm markets, so stop by for ‘interesting’ conversation.

Come by and join in the fun!
Jack Stephenson, Assistant Market Manager