Youth First Trivia Night - November 9th

Join us for the 4th Annual Trivia Night to support Youth First! If you weren’t able to join us last year here is how the event works.


Just as we encourage our youth to plan ahead and create a vision for the direction of their life, Youth First has tried to do the same thing.  Youth First is taking the steps now to prepare us to remain sustainable into the future. Our goal is to create a positive environment within the county where youth are valued, their needs come first and investments are made in their well being.

Our Trivia Night event is positioned to raise awareness for the needs of our youth while raising funds for the continued efforts of Youth First.  Youth First programs and successes will be highlighted. 

Youth are the future of our community.  They are the next generation of parents, teachers, business owners, customers, employees and political leaders.  Your sponsorship of Trivia Night will demonstrate your organization’s support of our youth in Washington County, the work of Youth First to build the 40 Developmental Assets and the ultimate value of investing in our future by investing in our youth!


Teams compete during rounds of trivia for bragging rights to be the reigning Trivia Champions for the upcoming year.  There will be six rounds of trivia.  Three rounds will be traditional trivia while three rounds will be focused on youth topics (popular slang, music, entertainers, etc.).   Breaks will be taken after every two rounds of trivia.  During the break, teams will sing karaoke for the pleasure of the viewing audience.  How are teams chosen to sing karaoke you ask?  Teams will have the opportunity to give donations in honor of the team they would like to see sing.  The team with the most money given in their name at the beginning of each break will be singing.


 Each team can have a maximum of 8 participants.  Perfect for four couples, eight students, eight friends, eight co-workers and the list goes on!  There is no minimum number of participants per team but your brain power will be at a disadvantage with only a few.  Teams are encouraged to recruit youth to be on their team but are not required. (Hint: You might have an advantage if you can recruit tween/teenage youth to your team.)  Teams are encouraged to put together a team for a business, church, school faculty, service organization or just a group of friends.   If you would like to sponsor a team but cannot provide participants contact Rosie Morehous at 883-9622.


The mission of Youth First is to create a positive environment within our county where youth are valued, their needs come first and investments are made in their well being.  Consider the levels of sponsorship and make a commitment to supporting the youth and families of Washington County at a level that is meaningful to you.  Join us in supporting the youth of our community!

2013 Trivia Night Event Flyer (pdf)

Thank you for your consideration of our request!