Countywide Art Show Winners

Arts Alive Washington County & Beck’s Mill Countywide Art Show had 69 entries. The People’s Choice winning entries may be seen at the Salem Public library. So much talent is seen in the art work of our youth. The response and support from businesses in our community is very much appreciated.  Sponsors are: Arby’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Papa John’s, Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, & Domino’s. Each student that participated will receive a gift certificates from these businesses and certificates of participation.  Danny & Pam Walton’s Guitars, Strings & Things donated a cash award in support of ongoing events for the Arts Alive Organization.  Arts Alive will host upcoming events during the Bicentennial celebration week this fall.

People’s Choice winners are:

Corabelle Tally 11 SHS 1st HS
Andrew Chastain 5yrs. Campbellsburg 1st
Alex Cannello 12 SHS 2nd-tied
Joseph Bortka 12 SHS 2nd-tied
Michaela Cox 10 WW 3rd-tied
John Bortka 9 SHS 3rd-tied
Mercedez Morgan 11 Eastern HM
Melanie Purlee 5 Eastern HM
Wade LaHue 12 SHS HM
Abigail Bortka 11 SHS HM
Emma Voyles 9 SHS HM
Allie Chastain 12yrs. Campbellsburg HM
Lizzie Chastain 9yrs. Campbellsburg HM
Taylor Rowley 7 Eastern HM
Ashton Soliday 11 SHS HM
Katherine LaHue 12 SHS HM