Washington County Farmers’ Market

June 7th, “First Saturday of the Month” will be sample day, with vendors offering free samples to all and gifts for the children. Good Earth Master Gardeners will be there to answer any gardening questions you might have.

Check the Face Book page, “Washington County Farmers Market” for this week’s postings, LIKE our page and come by Saturday morning to see if you have won a Farm Market gift!

Strawberries were the feature at last weeks Washington County Farmers Market and may continue for a few more weeks, but the steady increase in produce is the real story. More and more ‘near’ organic produce is coming in. We say “near’ organic, locally grown, home grown, historically grown, we farm like grandpa use to, or Georganic grown; because none of the vendors are ‘certified’ organic, but most follow the concepts of none or limited chemical enhancements. Certification Organic is a very pricey and takes some time, and is often not economically sound. Perfect example of this is a $5.00 hormonal enhanced chicken grown by the thousands on enhanced grain can be produced in half the time of a $12.00 free ranged chicken; a certified organic chicken will be in the $35 dollar range. It's the consumer’s choice to make. If it is important to you, talk to the vendor and ask how they grow their produce. NO produce at Washington County Farmers Market is ever shipped but grown locally

The excitement of market is seeing what is available, this week there should be various types of lettuce, green onions and garlic, kale and other greens, USDA meat, big brown eggs, gourmet jams and delicious baked goods of all kinds.

“The Washington County Farmers Market” located at the County Fair grounds; open 8:30 am every Saturday mornings. Normally open till 12:30? Even if your not hungry, stop-by and chat with the friendly vendors and join in the fun!

Jack Stephenson, Assistant Market Manager