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Fire Hydrant Flushing - March 23rd - 27th

Updated 3/26: Washington Blvd and going toward the square South 135 over to and including all the residences in between, Jackson Street. Please call the office with questions or concerns.

Updated 3/25: Crews are all over town flushing today. This morning the crews are on 56 West heading toward W Mulberry St, including S Shelby St.

Also, we are around the Walmart area and this afternoon the crew will be on Jackson Street.

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please call 812-883-3937.

Updated 3/24: The City of Salem Water Department will be flushing fire hydrants today (3/24/2020) in the vicinity of West State Road 60, over to West State Road 56. This will include all residences and businesses in between this area. For any questions or concerns, please call the office 812-883-3937.

The City of Salem Utilities’ Department will be performing flushing of the fire hydrants throughout the entire city. The flushing will begin Monday, March 23, 2020, and run thru Friday, March 27, 2020, between 7:30am –5:00pm. Customers may experience low water pressure during the flushing period.

Please call the City of Salem Municipal Utilities’ office, 883-3937 if you have any questions concerning this process.


Wastewater Superintendent asks Residents to Avoid Flushing Wipes

Salem, Indiana (March 20, 2020) – Due to an increase in the volume of items that can cause issues with the city’s wastewater treatment operations, Mayor Justin Green recently made the following notice available from Wastewater Superintendent, Troy Watts:

“We are seeing an uptick of problems at the wastewater treatment plant due to disinfecting wipes being flushed. Please remember sewer systems can get clogged when improper items are put down the drain or flushed. This can cause backups and overflow at our treatment facilities, which can create additional public health concerns. It is also advisable to refrain from flushing paper towels or wipes labeled as "flushable" or "septic-safe" as some wipes with this label can still cause issues with wastewater systems,” said Superintendent Watts.

Mayor Green and Watts remind residents that flushable wipes must have 3 main qualities:

  1. They must break down quickly into small pieces,
  2. They should not be buoyant or float,
  3. They should only be made of ingredients that will easily and naturally degrade.

They ask for your help in keeping the system operating and functioning well, particularly during this time, by only throwing your disinfecting and other wipes, including paper towels and baby wipes, in the trash. For updates and information from the City of Salem, please visit the website at or follow the City and the Mayor on Facebook.


Mayor Green Announces COVID-19 Protocols

Salem, Indiana (March 17, 2020) – Today, City of Salem Mayor, Justin Green, announced new protocols for city operations in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Green made the announcement from City Hall, shortly after 2:30pm.

“More than anything, I want city residents and our employees to be safe and healthy as we endure the next few weeks of uncertainty concerning the spread of novel coronavirus. Undoubtedly, I want to assure the public that these protocols are in place to slow the spread of this highly contagious virus, to protect vulnerable populations, our healthcare system, and first responders.”


Public Health Closure Notices

Senior Center

Effective March 16th, the Salem-Washington County Senior Center will close for two weeks, for the safety of the members.

Parks & Recreation

In the interest of public health and especially our kids involved with extracurricular activities, Salem Park and Recreation will follow suit of the Salem Community Schools. As of now, our Little League Baseball and all Parks & Recreation activities this season will be delayed until further notice.

Justin Green, Mayor
Brande Abbott, Director