City of Salem Ordinances Table of Contents (pdf)

Title I - General Provisions (pdf)

10. General Provisions
11. City Standards

Title III - Administration (pdf)

30. City Government; Organization
31. City Policies
32. Departments, Boards, Commissions,
33. Finance, City Funds
34. Fire Department
35. Ordinance Violation Bureau
36. Personnel Policies
37. Police Department
38. Claims
39. Use of Information Technology

Title V - Public Works (pdf)

50. Sewers
51. Solid Waste Disposal
52. Water

Title VII - Traffic Code (pdf)

70. Traffic Rules
71. Parking Regulations
72. Traffic Schedules
73. Parking Schedules
74. Off-Road Vehicles

Title IX - General Regulations (pdf)

90. Abandoned Vehicles
91. Animals
92. Boats and Waterways
93. Cemetery Fees
94. Fair Housing
95. Fire Prevention
96. Nuisances
97. Streets and Sidewalks
98. Trees
99. Noise
100. Parks
101. Airport Access Charges

Title XI - Business Regulations (pdf)

110. Business Licensing
111. Alcoholic Beverages
112. Amusements
113. Cable Television
114. Taxicabs
115. Transient Merchants

Title XIII - General Offenses (pdf)

130. General Offenses

Title XV - Land Usage (pdf)

150. Building Regulations
151. Erosion Control
152. Flood Control
153. Planning

154. Subdivision Code

Appendix A: Plat Certificates and Deed of Dedication
Appendix B: Curb and Gutter Detail
Appendix C: Urban Typical Thoroughfare Cross-Sections

155. Unsafe Buildings

Zoning Code (pdf)

156. Zoning Code

Appendix A:Table of Lot, Lot Coverage and Height Requirements (pdf)

157. Lighting
158. International Property Maintenance Code
159. Storm Drainage, Erosion Control and Sediment Control

Attachment A: Salem Plan Commission Review Checklist
Attachment B: Storm Water Facilities Fee Agreement (pdf)

Table of Special Ordinances (pdf)
Acceptances, Annexations, Vacations, Zoning Map Changes, Franchises, Plat Approvals

Parallel References (pdf)
References to Indiana Code - References to 1986 Code of Ordinances
References to Resolutions - References to Ordinances

Ordinance 825 (pdf)
An ordinance recodifying the Salem City Code for the purpose of revising, amending, reorganizing the general ordinances of the City of Salem, Indiana.