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The City of Salem Parks and Recreation Department regretfully announced today that the Myers Memorial Pool will not be opening for the 2021 summer season. As with many situations in recent months, the pandemic negatively impacted the pool opening due to the back order of needed supplies and contractors’ schedules due to the Covid-19 shutdowns.

“The wear and tear to the swimming pool from years of use and an extended closure is significant and will require more time and effort than is currently available. It is unfortunately just not feasible to have this completed in time for swim season,” said Mayor Justin Green.

The City of Salem has been safely and slowly reopening as we continue to recover from the height of the pandemic, and in its feasibility analysis, made the determination that re-opening this season would not be possible. The Parks and Recreation department along with the City Administration are continuing to plan for events and activities for our community to enjoy.

“We thank the community for understanding this difficult situation and will be looking for a resolution soon to add to the enjoyment of our city parks, including the Myers Memorial Pool,” said Green.

INDIANAPOLIS (Sept. 23, 2020) – Governor Eric J. Holcomb today announced changes to the Indiana Small Business Restart Grant to increase the availability of funding for Hoosier small businesses impacted by the global pandemic. The grant program, which provides working capital to accelerate economic recovery, is now: 

  • Extended through Nov. 1, 2020, for eligible small businesses in Marion County;
  • Extended through Dec. 1, 2020, for eligible small businesses outside of Marion County; and
  • Available to small businesses that have received COVID-19 relief funding through federal programs, including the Paycheck Protection Program, Economic Injury Disaster Loans, and Community Development Block Grants.

In the upcoming weeks, City of Salem Utilities will begin installing a Smart Water Meter system to all households and businesses throughout the entire service area.  This initiative will bring increased efficiency to water customers, allowing them to more accurately monitor water usage.  It will also allow the city to quickly respond to any infrastructure issues or possible leaks.  The Smart Water Meter replacement program is being brought to customers at no additional cost. 

“We are excited to bring this technology to our customers and our community,” said Salem Mayor, Justin Green.  “We have some water meters currently in use that are greater than 25 years old.  A more modernized system is well overdue, and I am eager to see the results of these improvements for our citizens.” 

The City of Salem Utilities started the program as part of their ongoing effort to provide excellent customer service and to stay ahead of inevitable issues that may result from aging infrastructure.  Starting in late May through June, technicians will begin working throughout the city replacing meters.  There should be little to no inconvenience to customers. 

For more information about the Smart Water Meter replacement program, please contact the City of Salem Utilities at (812) 883-3937.

smalltreeThe maple trees in general are the genus Acer.  Maples are very common here in Indiana, you very well may not know all your local maple species. The Boxelder for instance is actually a maple. The scientific name for Boxelder is (Acer negundo).  The word Acer of course means it is a maple, and the word negundo makes reference to the pinnately compound leafs found on the Boxelder.  So if you are ever in a trivia game, and the question is, “Name a maple with a compound leaf”. The correct response would be Boxelder. At this point you are probably scratching your head, wondering. What exactly makes a maple, a maple?  That is quite elementary, they are the trees that have little helicopters on them.  Well, that is how I explain it to children. In the serious world those little helicopters are called Samaras, plants are actually classified based on their reproductive parts, even though most folks focus on leafs. All oaks have acorns and all maples have samaras.   Having said all this you should now understand why Boxelder is actually a maple even though the leafs look nothing like our other maples.

The most common tree in Indiana is actually the Sugar maple, there is an estimated 357 million Sugar maples in Indiana. The Scientific name for Sugar maple is (Acer saccharum). The word Acer meaning maple and the word Saccharum is Latin for sugar. Back when I was having to learn all these scientific names, I noticed how similar saccharum was to the word saccharin.  Most all of us know saccharin as a sugar substitute. Now I have given up my secret for remembering this one.

Trees have a variety of uses besides the obvious lumber and firewood. Trees also give us food and medicine, while providing shade and slowing storm water runoff. Our friend the Sugar maple is famously known for its use in manufacturing beautiful furniture and even musical instruments. Usually if I say Sugar maple the first thing that leaps to mind is maple syrup.  There is a local festival that can teach you much more about maple syrup production than me, but I will give a simplified explanation of the  process.