Population (2018 American Community Survey)

Salem - 6,181 

Labor Employment (Indiana Workforce Dev. Statistic - 2011)

 Manufacturing Employment in Washington County - 2,852

Major Employers


  • State Highways - 56, 60, 135 and 160
  • Truck Carriers - Four truck lines serving Salem Area
  • Airports - Salem Municipal Airport (3300ft runway) , Commercial Air Services at Louisville International Airport
  • Barge - The Port of Indiana at Jeffersonville provides Barge Service on the Ohio River. (25 Miles Away)  

Utilities & Services

Vocational Colleges/Schools


Educational Facilities

Medical Facilities


  • Aspen Meadows Apartments
  • Sycamore Hills Apartments
  • Maple Leaf Apartments


Payable in 2010, subject to a Property Tax Replacement Credit
$3.33 per $100 in Salem
$1.94 per $100 in County

Local property taxes are assessed on market value
State uses 7% tax rate on all retail sale items (food items are exempt)
Washington County has three dedicated TIF districts
Washington County has no inventory taxes
Washington County has an EDIT rate of .50% and a CAGIT rate of 1.00%