An area that has been problematic for decades will be improved, thanks to a City of Salem agreement with INDOT.

Mayor Justin Green said he proposed a new alignment for the intersection of Bristol Street and State Road 56 West, and it was successfully approved.

The design will greatly improve the line of sight when pulled onto SR 56 from Bristol Street and provide separation from Cox Ferry Road. It will also align Washington Boulevard and Bristol Street to create a true intersection.

“This is an area that has been a problem for motorists for many years,” said Mayor Green. “Officials with emergency services have often noted the congestion created by the layout and convergence of these streets.”

As this project was designed, another component was added.

Westbound traffic on Bristol Street will be allowed to continue onto Cox Ferry or into McCol Place. “This will keep the flow of traffic moving and eliminate traveling a short distance on the highway for those motorists.”

Mayor Green said the time for the project is very important because the State of Indiana is investing more than $13 million into SR 56 improvements. “It would be wrong to miss another opportunity to improve this intersection,” he said.