Change is a constant in our lives and it has certainly been prominent in City of Salem Mayor Justin Green’s first term. Working in partnership with the Salem City Council and other officials as well as many local and state organizations and agencies has resulted in many positive changes for the city.

“I am so grateful for the relationships we have sustained and built over these past three years,” said Mayor Green. “My goal when I was elected was to position Salem for the future and I am proud to say we have taken major steps in building a brighter tomorrow for our great city.”

Regarding the construction of several innovative infrastructure projects, downtown Salem will be easier to navigate and utilities will be upgraded to meet needs for many years and future generations. “The city has successfully pursued federal highway grants and Community Crossing grants to fund these projects, with local matching funds,” said Mayor Green. “These extensive projects would not be possible without these grant programs. As we collaborate with state and federal agencies, it's worth noting that the city aligns with their schedule.”

A city project that included designing a new entrance to Bristol Street and Highway 56 will make this area safer for motorists.

Salem and Washington County’s participation in the Our Southern Indiana READI initiative will bring major improvements to the city, including the Lake Salinda Bath House, improvements at the Salem Municipal Airport, and infrastructure and property acquisition for a workforce housing project on North Shelby Street.

The Covid-19 pandemic was a major challenge for the city, but Mayor Green was able to secure $250,000 in American Recovery Plan Act funds to assist small businesses. “Thanks to this financial support, our community's small businesses managed to endure,” said Mayor Green.

Maintaining a well-trained and well-equipped emergency response team is vital to ensure a safe city. Under Mayor Green, new equipment has been added for both the Salem City Police Department and Salem Fire Department.

The addition of a portable speed/radar sign is making city streets safer by raising awareness of motor vehicle speeds.

Mayor Green is constantly networking and exploring opportunities that might benefit the city. He is currently attending new READI 2.0 meetings for the next phase of the multi-county regional development.

Other projects currently that will further improve Salem include:

  • A new Splash Pad Water Park – Approval for permitting has been granted, and the final engineering phase is currently underway, along with additional land acquisition.
  • Working with Duke Energy to start an LED street light program – The contract has been executed, and the project is scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2024.
  • Installing EV charging stations in partnership with Washington County Tourism to help attract visitors.
  • Partnering with the Humane Society on a new Animal Shelter – Finishing touches are being made along with new fencing for the dog park.

The city of Salem is on an upward trajectory, experiencing continuous growth and driving economic prosperity. A welcoming atmosphere for small businesses has attracted numerous newcomers, injecting fresh attraction into the local community.

“There are a multitude of projects that are either underway or in the planning stages that will make our city an even better place to live and work,” said Mayor Green. “I appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in each of these projects and I promise to continue working to move Salem toward a great future.”