Major infrastructure improvements are continuing in downtown Salem. “I want to update the residents of our city on the changes that are ongoing,” said Mayor Justin Green. “I also want to express appreciation for their patience and understanding while the much needed improvements continue.”  

The Main Street construction that began last year continues on schedule with an anticipated completion date June of 2024. This upgrade to Main Street was the result of being awarded a Federal Highway grant issued through INDOT.  

  The emphasis now is on the square, which has a multi-pronged approach:  

  • Pedestrian islands will be constructed to meet federal requirements.
  • Parking islands will be redesigned for smoother parking and driving.
  • Ramps will be adjusted as needed to meet ADA specifications.
  • Crosswalks will be redesigned and feature an improved appearance at the four gates.
  • Landscape and streetscape improvements will be made for an enhanced appearance.

  “These improvements will not only enhance the appearance of our beautiful square, but its function as well,” said Mayor Green. “All the changes have been designed to accommodate both regular motorists as well as commercial traffic, including 50-foot semi traffic.”  

  The estimated date for completion of the Salem square improvements is summer of 2024.