In the upcoming weeks, City of Salem Utilities will begin installing a Smart Water Meter system to all households and businesses throughout the entire service area.  This initiative will bring increased efficiency to water customers, allowing them to more accurately monitor water usage.  It will also allow the city to quickly respond to any infrastructure issues or possible leaks.  The Smart Water Meter replacement program is being brought to customers at no additional cost. 

“We are excited to bring this technology to our customers and our community,” said Salem Mayor, Justin Green.  “We have some water meters currently in use that are greater than 25 years old.  A more modernized system is well overdue, and I am eager to see the results of these improvements for our citizens.” 

The City of Salem Utilities started the program as part of their ongoing effort to provide excellent customer service and to stay ahead of inevitable issues that may result from aging infrastructure.  Starting in late May through June, technicians will begin working throughout the city replacing meters.  There should be little to no inconvenience to customers. 

For more information about the Smart Water Meter replacement program, please contact the City of Salem Utilities at (812) 883-3937.