City Celebrates Water Conservation, Earth and Arbor Days

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The City of Salem Parks and Recreation Department along with the Salem Utilities Office and Salem Tree Board will be distributing Black Oak Trees (seedlings), to second graders at Bradie Shrum Elementary School, on Thursday April 25th at 2:00pm. Also provided will be information packets on how to plant and care for the trees, coloring pages focusing on conservation of water, energy, fuel and tips on recycling.

Salem is a "Tree City USA" community, the packet also includes information on what this means to our community such as; boosting property values, cutting energy consumption, reducing energy costs, storm water management, and erosion control, helps build stronger ties to your neighborhood and community, and demonstrates your commitment to a healthier environment. 

What you can do to help conserve: Fix Water Leaks, Plant Trees, Hang Clothes Outside to Dry on Appropriate Days, Ride a Bicycle, Adjust the Thermostat, Turn off lights when not in use, Share Rides, Recycle More, Maintain Car Tire Pressure, Compost Food Waste, Use Public Transportation, Buy Local Product and Recycle Bags, Choose to walk, Insulate your home

On April 25th Mayor Bower will read a proclamation observing Arbor Day. The Parks and Recreation Department will furnish 100 Black Oak trees to students and the Salem Tree Board will furnish 100 Black Oak trees as well.