College Cost Estimator Program

The Washington County Community Foundation has once again partnered with area high schools and the National Center for College Costs to offer the College Costs Estimator service.

This service assists families in understanding that college can be affordable. By analyzing each client family's financial situation under the federal formula used to determine need based financial aid, the National Center for College Costs provides strategies and advice on how to make the numbers work and takes the fear out of the college cost issue.

Dave Murray, president and founder of the National Center for College Costs, will present a workshop for all interested Washington County families on Monday, February 4, at 6:30 p.m. in the Salem High School presentation room.


Families will receive their confidential reports and will be provided with important tips on how to maximize financial aid opportunities. Families are not required to attend the workshop to receive their reports, but it is highly recommended that they try to do so, as much of the education takes place at that time.

Topics include an outline of the financial aid process, tips on how to maximize financial aid, information on how to ask colleges the key financial aid questions, insight into "financial aid friendly" investment strategies, and current cost information of area colleges and universities.

A unique feature of the College Costs Estimator service is that families who participated in the program have staff at the National Center for College Costs available to them via a toll-free phone call as long as they continue to have financial aid and college costs questions.

The Estimator service is being provided free of charge to all Washington County families courtesy of the Washington County Youth Foundation via grants from the Paul Ogle/Ed Baugh Fund. For additional information, contact any of the high school guidance offices or the Washington County Community Foundation office.